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Food of the hotel

Food of the hotel

Please enjoy Kaiseki Meal with seasonal changes.
Relax in your room
It is served.

Please enjoy a gem sticking to taste and also to serve.
Have fun with your eyes and enjoy with your tongue.
Relaxing in the room.
  • ■Dinner: Kaiseki Meal (Aya)

    ◆, A dish, ◆

      Ahead, With
      Before, Greens
      Construction, Village
      Please, Surpassing
      Baking, Stuff
      Warm, Stuff
      Steam, Stuff
      Lifting, Stuff
      water, Stuff

    Depending on the season and purchase situation,
    Contents may differ from photos of dishes.
  • ■Breakfast:Japanese Food

    Breakfast menu

    ·Chilled cup of steamed egg
    ·Salmon and thin salted roast
    ·Ceramic plate grilled bacon·Vegetables
    ·Nasu Goyou Ran
    ·Assorted vegetable pickles
    ·Grain porridge
    ·ham and salad
    ·Nori seaweed, Natto
    ·miso soup
    ·White rice
    ·Vegetable juice
  • Cooking from elementary school students

    "Cooking from elementary school students" Children who are at ease from the lower grade to the upper grade are also very satisfied!
  • Infant food

    Served main on one plate, other steamed, dessert etc. arranged
  • Beverage price(Consumption tax not included)

    Bingel(A medium bottle), ... ¥ 650
    Draft Beer(Medium mug), ... 580 yen

    Shochu "BIDAN", ... 3,000 yen
    Wheat shochu "Kira-Mugi", ... 3,000 yen
    Potato shochu "Torakichi", ... ¥ 3,500
    Shochu sour and oolong high, ... 450 yen

    Japanese sake Tokuri, ... 400 yen
    Tentaka, Ryujoen original label, ... ¥ 650
    Kyokuko Nama-zake (Sake), ... 850 yen
    Kyokuko Daiginjo, ... 4,500 yen

    Bottle wine white·Red, ... From 3,500 yen

    Various soft drinks, ... 250 yen
    (orange·Oolong Tea·Cola·Cider·Ginger ale)