Non-smoking room appeared from May 9, 2019! Tatsumi-tei, Shinkan open-air bath with Japanese + Western-style room, Main building Japanese-style room 2 floor is "non-smoking".
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【Official】Hotel Ryujoen

About non-smoking of guest room

From May 9, 2019 (Thu), we will have non-smoking rooms in our rooms.
Rooms of interest it will become the main building second floor of a Japanese-style room 5 rooms and new wing sum + Western-style 5 rooms, as well as Tokushitsu Tatsumi-tei 3 rooms.

Please refrain from smoking in the room and on the balcony (including electronic cigarettes).

If you want to smoke, please use the smoking area on the first floor courtyard.
In addition, there is also a smoking area “IPPUKU” in the day trip hot spring hall.

Thank you very much.

Cashless and consumer return business

  • About point reduction

    Hotel Ryujoen, Jalan net online card payment is currently eligible for reduction.
    We are currently applying for local payment by credit card, so please be patient.
    Sorry for the inconvenience to our customers.

Hotel Facilities

  • One-day hot spring "Temple of the Taiyo-no-yu"

    "Hotel Ryujoen" with "Beautiful skin effect" "Hotel Ryujoen Onsenkan Taiyo-no-yu".
    Guests of the hotel can use the facilities of "Holiday Onsenkan Taiyo-no-yu".
  • It is a mark of security safe.

    Hotel Ryujoen is a facility conforming to the Fire Defense Standards Association Display Outline specified in the Fire Service Law.
  • lobby

    When you pass through the entrance, the lobby of the colonnade spreads out in front of you, and wraps the customer in a sense of openness with a Japanese-style garden full of atmosphere.
    The Internet environment is in place.It can be used for wireless LAN.
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Day trip

  • Information on day trip party

    The grand ballroom is a big banquet hall between 182 square meters.Up to 100 people can be used.
    Also, since it is a banquet hall where you can split in 3, you can use it even from a small number of people.
  • Celebration Plan

    You can use the banquet hall of "Hotel Ryujoen" for the celebration.
    ■Consumption tax separately
    ■If you are over 20 people you will receive a pick-up service.
    ■Daily Sunday used, Sunday day trip hot spring "Taiyo-no-yu" bathing service.
    ■Please contact us freely, such as the number of people and budget.
    ■Guests staying from afar are available.
  • Legal plan, "Seat schedule download"

    The banquet hall of "Hotel Ryujoen" can be used as a Hotel Ryujoen.
    The cuisine cherishes the seasonal ingredients, so it changes according to the season.
    The photograph is the Hoji Kaiseki Zen Meal “Kaoru” (for Buddhist memorial service). 【¥ 6,500(tax excluded·Service Fee excluded)】

    ※Please make a seating schedule so that seating on the day will be smooth.
    (Seat card is 50 yen per sheet)

    Please download the seating schedule from the title "Seat schedule download" to your computer.
    If you are using Windows, right-click on the image and download it from "Save Image As".

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.