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Tourist information

  • Odawara City Tourism Association

    We will introduce you to Odawara's sightseeing spots, historical sites, historical sites Related to Nasu no Yoichi to Related to Nasu no Yoichi Yoichiri, the Basho no Sato Tour Map, bamboo crafts, and introductions and special product information on natural monuments of Zanzi.

    TEL: 0287-54-1110
  • Michi-no-Eki "Nasu Yoichi-no-Sato"

    Nasu no Yoichi addition to the Yoichi Densho-Kan, which introduces the activities of Nasu no Yoichi, please taste the locally produced locally produced ingredients such as agricultural products, hand-made soba, tofu, gelato etc.In addition, "Road Station homemade tofu & ganmodoki", which uses various products such as gelato from Odawara City's new specialty "Togarashi" and soybeans from Odawara, is recommended as a self- Road Station homemade tofu & ganmodoki product.

    TEL: 0287-23-8641
  • Odawara Fureai no Oka, Nature Observation Museum

    There are also permanent exhibitions such as three-dimensional encyclopaedia of insects, dioramas and other exhibition exhibitions.
    There are corners for delivering various materials and information on stag beetles, books on stag beetles, magazines, reading materials for children, breeding manuals, veteran breeder breeding experience stories.
  • Odawara Fureai no Oka, Tenmonkan

    In addition to being able to observe stars with a 65 cm large reflecting telescope, there is also a corner where you can learn starlit skies with screen type planetariums and solar telescopes.
  • Odawara Fureai no Oka, Chateau Espoir

    Chateau Espoir is reminiscent of Europe's castle.Relaxingly relaxing while watching the surrounding nature.There are pottery hall, large studio, wood bamboo gallery, gymnasium, soccer field, etc.
  • Tochigi Prefecture Nakagawa Aquatic Park

    It is a world of water, green and fish, seeing it.About 230 species and 15 thousand fishes are displayed in the aquarium.Touching with sea urchins and starfish, Tatching aquarium is extremely popular with children.You can enjoy the feeling that underwater tunnels are underwater, which you can see over 360 degrees.
  • Togarashi (red pepper) Town Otawara -Be hot! Otawara-

    A variety of Tochigi Santaka pepper called Sanchi.
    Recommended items such as red bean curd refuse · red pepper · red pepper Gerrard · croquette · ramen etc.
  • Hydrangea Festival

    About 6,000 shares of Ajisai, which are planted in the vicinity of Kurobane Castle Park in Otawara City, Tochigi Prefecture, which is popular as a flower park, flowered and held the "Kuro Bane Ajisai Festival".
    You can observe Ajisai along the moat from the bridge in the park.Various events such as haiku tournaments and photo contests are held during the hydrangea festival, and shops and others are also set up.There is an information office at the entrance to the Castle Ruins Park there are sightseeing information by volunteers.