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  2. Allergy support at this facility

Allergy support at this facility

  • About allergy correspondence

    ·For customers with allergies, we will do our best to accommodate those with mild allergies.
    We apologize for the inconvenience, but we cannot respond to customers with severe allergic symptoms.
    Also, please understand that we cannot handle all ingredients when there are many items.
    ※ We cannot handle wheat and soybeans.
    ※ It is not possible to deal with low salt content.
    ※ 100% exclusion of contamination (unintentional allergen contamination) adhering to cooking utensils, etc.
    It is not something to do.

    ·Due to the restrictions of the business of an inn, it is difficult to completely meet your request, so please make a reservation for safety.
    We may not be able to accept your request.
    ※ Please be sure to consult your doctor before contacting the facility.
    ※ Depending on the content of allergies, we may call you.
  • List of 28 items such as allergy specific raw materials

    A list of allergy-specific raw materials that can be handled.
    ※Wheat and soybean allergies cannot be dealt with.
    ※Please contact us for dairy products and eggs.
    ※Regarding allergies to shellfish, shrimp, crab, (extracts contained in squid, octopus, and shellfish), etc.
    Please describe in detail.
    ※Due to the restrictions of the business of an inn, we cannot deal with allergies to many items and ingredients in general.
    Please understand.

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